Week 11

This week started with one meeting with professor Miguel Oliveira.

During the meeting some ideas were discussed, and some work was pointed out:

  • Make an URDF/XACRO file to define the platform.
  • Introdution to the ROS packages to the camera and pan and tilt unit (these packages algo have the URDF files to integrate in the robot).
  • Discussions about the platform architecture.

The URDF/XACRO file was made and integrated in rviz and gazebo, where is possible to send commands and see the platform moving in the simulation. Despite this part is partially implemented, is still necessary more time to fully understand it’s concepts.

The Arduino Micro ordered previously was installed and the code was downloaded to collect and transfer the encoder data to ROS.  This part is work, witch means the data is being transfered, but the encoder signal is not good. Despite the bad encoder signal, to test this part of the code, was not necessary a perfect wave.

Also, the work of writing the thesis was carried out, as it’s expected to be continued regularly in the next weeks.


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