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This page will be serve as weekly report during the development of the master thesis project (2016/2017) named “Reconversion of Robuter’s Platform into and AGV with Camera”.  Every important milestone and breakthrough will be presented in “Progress” page.


The retrofitting of the Robuter II platform project is being carried out as a final Project/Dissertation and mainly developed in the Automation and Robotic Laboratory.
The main goal is centered in the platform retrofitting. For that, it is intended to substitute the old control part, for a modern solution that allows the integration of different modules based on a ROS distributed architecture.
The platform will have a camera to integrate a perception system so that it can navigate autonomously, guided by a line.
In the end, it is expected to get a vehicle with enough versatility so that different modules can be added and still be capable of having several uses on an industrial scale, such as an AGV.
In this document, a general description is made where all the different steps are identified, as well as all the work developed until the present moment. Furthermore, the guideline to follow in order to achieve the proposed goals, will be presented.

Keywords: Robuter II, retrofitting, modular architecture, perception system, ROS.